The beggining

Today, 19th November 2020, represents a big milestone for me. I finally committed to build a site and open the door of my trading strategy to the world. For many years I have been dreaming of trading for a living and that day is closer and closer. I have been consistently profitable in my live trading account, which holds all my retirement savings, and the time has arrived to accelerate the rhythm not by being greedy and invest in higher risk stocks, but by sharing my strategy with others. I too have also subscribed all kind of investment advice services until I reached the moment that I realized that I have learnt enough to trade profitably on my own.

I created this club and I have opened an account in Collective2 to document my live results with  external audit.

Live results

Coin Manufacturing


For those who do not want or do not have the time to trade by their own my signals we opened an account in Collective 2. And we have a special offer until the end of 2020: a 35USD reduction!

Please follow the link and use this coupon: UGWK35382

This coupon allows a new subscriber access to 'Save for Retirement' at reduced price.

Instead of the standard price of $75.00 per month, user having this coupon will be charged $40.00 per month.


This reduced price will remain in effect for 1 billing transactions.


Please note that this coupon expires on 2020-12-31 23:59:00 Eastern U.S. time.

New milestones reached!

Today, 17th December 2020, is a very happy day for us! We have 3 good news in a row!

1-  We reached the 100 unique visitors mark!

2- We reached 100% return on the live account since we started to document all our live trade on Yahoo Finance!

3-  We have received our first membership donation!